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Why should the aging of LED lamps?
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Generally speaking, as a new energy saving technology of LED in the early stage began to put into use will be a certain degree of decline, if we LED the product itself or the material is not good in the production operation is not standard, so the product will appear dark, flashing, fault, fault phenomenon between light, LED lamp can not be like that life expectancy is so long.
In order to prevent the quality problems of LED, we should do a good job in the welding quality control of packaging components failure, LED products aging test, ensure the reliability of electronic products, this is the most essential step in the production process, the aging temperature adaptability in the process of testing, analog voltage area (high, middle and low) test and the impact of destructive testing and online monitoring of driving power and the product of current and voltage changes in technology.
If there is no aging link, the product quality can not be guaranteed, at any time in the early stage of the use of failure, and this will greatly cost manufacturers. In contrast, products through professional aging in the market before, do the inspection, it has improved the efficiency of lamps, and greatly increase the efficiency of the stability of late, it will greatly increase the income than the former.
So how do LED products age?. The following two methods are generally used:
First, constant current and constant pressure aging. Constant current aging is the most consistent with the working characteristics of LED current, analog is the use of LED lamps in normal environment, and then observe the quality of lamps and light and other issues;
Second, over current shock aging. This is the latest manufacturer of a means of aging, through the adjustment of frequency, adjust the current to a short period of time to determine the service life of LED, in order to check the hidden LED products.
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