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Good news! SW2 series Linear high bay DLC premium listed online !
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Good news! SW2 Series linear high bay is DLC Premium listed.

You can find our products on the DLC Qualified Products List by
 entering our DLC listed models below:

DLC Listed Models:

SW2-200W-150-ND-50K       SW2-200W-150-ND-57K

SW2-200W-150-ND-40K       SW2-200W-150-ND-45K  

SW2-150W-120-ND-50K       SW2-150W-120-ND-57K

SW2-150W-120-ND-40K       SW2-150W-120-ND-45K

SW2-120W-90-ND-50K        SW2-120W-90-ND-57K

SW2-120W-90-ND-40K        SW2-120W-90-ND-45K

SW2-80W-60-ND-50K         SW2-80W-60-ND-57K

SW2-80W-60-ND-40K         SW2-80W-60-ND-45K

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